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Unpleasant but Factual - Hillary's America: The Secrets of the Democratic Party

There was a time in the sixties when the words of a man from Mumbai would be considered groovy.  But this is 2016 and progressive critics have dubbed Dinesh D’Souza’s film “dumb” and "evil" without portfolio.  It is a documentary giving the filmmaker’s vision of an issue.  Michael Moore’s vision in Bowling for Columbine indicted the NRA, gun owners and Charlton Heston, in person, for the Columbine killings and all crimes done with a firearm.  Moore was given an Oscar. Bill Maher made a documentary about his own Religulous prejudices.  Ebert gave three and a half stars. 

Does anyone in a relativistic society care about truth?  The historical record is not only ignored but recreated to suit the current pathology of those in power to justify immorality by creating a mythology, choosing who is good and who is evil, even if it makes no sense.  They project their own sins upon their enemies.  Just keep repeating the mythology in school and media, silence those who disagree, shame the innocent and soon everyone really will love Big Brother. 

Dinesh D'Souza, our man from Mumbai who admits to being a bit disappointed in his adopted country, recounts the time he did in a Federal detention center for in a moment of wild enthusiasm he donated over the limit to a friend who was running for public office.  This after making another documentary which was critical of the current administration, the Feds threw the book at him.  While serving his time D'Souza spoke to gang members, one of whom bragged about an insurance scam upon vulnerable urban poor, wherein the gang paid for their life insurance and then murdered their victims to collect.  "All crime is about stealing.  The big criminals are still at large.  The system doesn't go after them because they run the system," said D'Souza.  Gang members may do time but criminal political agendas in power go unpunished, even unnoticed. 

So favoring the current party in power and with tongue firmly planted in cheek D'Souza presents a series of re enactments, a cinematic flowchart of inhumanity starting with the first Democratic President, the redoubtable Andrew Jackson.  To quote Alexis de Tocqueville on the Trail of Tears, “One couldn't watch without feeling one's heart wrung.”  I knew the history but I cried and I am not a Democrat.  Yes, the Trail of Tears was how the Democratic party handled what they termed, “Indian Removal”.  Genocide.  Those who survived were put on desert reservations far from the forests and fields they farmed and hunted in.  If all crime is stealing, look upon the theft of the lives of the First Nations and African Americans.  In the trailer, there is an worn artifact on a table.  Leather and silver, like a dog collar, it reads, "Property of A. Jackson" and a number.  We see a woman being lashed and around her neck is that collar.  She was not a number, she was a person.  Her name was Betty.  Andrew Jackson, in writing, ordered an overseer to give a slave named Betty 50 lashes.  Mr. D’Souza never said why but, I will tell you.  Betty got 50 lashes for doing extra laundry for someone without Mrs. Jackson’s permission.  Laundry was brutally hard work then.  I will never forget poor Betty.  I could find no DNA testing or documents to corroborate President Jackson’s scene beckoning his unwilling slave into his bed but as far as I am concerned, his term on the $20 bill is over.  Jackson The Musical probably won't be on Broadway anytime soon, but if you read about him you will see people can change.

The Democratic party was the party of slavery.  The Republican party was the party of abolition.  We think political rhetoric can't get any worse than in our era but the savage caning of Republican Senator Charles Sumner by Democratic Congressman Preston Brooks on the floor of the Senate chamber over a speech using sexual imagery to mock pro slavery Democrats publicly divided the two parties nationwide.  D'Souza goes so far as to say the Civil War was between Democrats and Republicans.  Lincoln, the great emancipator was a Republican and free African Americans began to take their places so long denied by running for public office on the Republican ticket in the South.  It wasn't long before the Klan rode out.  Jim Crow and disenfranchisement lasted for decades.
Ida B. Wells, beautifully played in the film by Gidget Taylor, said every black household in the South should have a Winchester rifle for protection.  Wells was a courageous African American teacher turned journalist, a one woman anti lynching campaign after a friend and two companions were lynched.  Their crime?  Opening a successful general store.  Ida refused to give up her seat and was put off a train, reminiscent of Ghandi.  She was a founder of the NAACP and devout Republican.  She never lived to see an anti lynch law passed.  FDR would not because he needed Southern Democrats to support his New Deal, so murder continued.

Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton's self proclaimed "hero" and racist eugenicist is chillingly portrayed by Andrea Cohen speaking to KKK wives and drifting ghostly through a women's clinic. Sanger was no advocate for women.  The women who won us suffrage, a Republican cause, considered abortion a crime against women and of course children.  Suffragettes called President Wilson, who did screen Birth of a Nation in the White House, "Kaiser Wilson".  Sanger wanted people she looked down upon like non-whites, Jews and Catholics to disappear.  Sanger even wanted people who suffered from mental illness, addiction, cancer or heart disease to be sterilized.  Sterilization was the order of the day and Hitler got ideas from both the Soviets and the Americans.  Soon we hear the racist quote by Lyndon B. Johnson who figures you have to give African Americans "something" to win them back.  The party gets a face lift, the all new Democratic Party; tolerant, liberal, champions of civil rights but the control is still there behind the curtain with the Wizard of Oz.  Barack Obama called this "plantation politics".  He and Hillary would know, as they were taught "community organizing" by Saul Alinsky   Saul Alinsky, a mercenary man with a pathology about power, crime and shaming your opponents, staged "fart-ins" and "piss-ins".  Urban neighborhoods became politicized but the standard of living didn’t change.  Strange, decades of Democratic control, in return for social programs, did not eliminate urban poverty or improve education and opportunity.  The urban poor had become as dependent on government aid as the First Nations did on those arid reservations.  It didn't change the high proportion of African American young men living in jails when they should have been living the American dream with their wives and children.  Alinsky said he wanted to take our country back but he never said back to what.  Alinsky was so slick he gave kudos to Satan in his book yet worked with church ministries, Catholic and Methodist which was how he met Hillary.

So what did I take home?  Dinesh D’Souza said,  “Crime is about stealing.”  Genocide, slavery, euthanasia, abortion are all the theft of a person’s life.  What about government rationing of health care?  What about forbidding the free exercise of religion?  What about forbidding free speech?  What about the bio technocracy of denying children born of surrogates knowledge of their biological parents?  Yes, the theft of a person’s life.  A large controlling government is not the answer.  So why do a majority of Americans now embrace it?  They've been carefully taught they can't live without government control because the "progressive" Democrats own our institutions of learning, entertainment and news media.  The zeitgeist of "plantation politics" is still very much with us and with the support of so many of our fellow Americans who do not care to know American history but prefer a virtual fantasy under Big Brother or Big Mother, the zeitgeist of plantation politics is here to stay. 

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