Thursday, September 20, 2012


 There is a war on women and children and it's not being waged by Catholics or conservatives. 

The video above is from Helen Alvaré of Women Speak for Themselves.  If you have not signed their petition ladies, please consider it.  Possibly your only opportunity to speak out as a woman in our generation.  What I want to know is how did women go from asking for the right to vote as a citizen to being forced to pay for another woman's abortifacient drugs?  Early feminists objected to abortion.  The cruelty of a woman forced by a man, her family or dire circumstances to murder her baby was to them a heinous crime against the sanctity of mother and child.  The very sort of injustice they wanted to liberate women from.  It didn't work out as they planned.  We were liberated all right.  Taken off the pedestal and put into the service of a male dominated, sexually progressive society.  Worst of all, many men and women do not understand the situation we have put ourselves into.  They've been taught this is "freedom".  Abortion is as American as apple pie and dare I say it, motherhood?  Young women are encouraged to "hook up" in order to "compete" with other girls.  To give their boyfriend what only their husband should be entitled to.  To risk their health and suffer the painful symptoms of birth control on their young bodies.  Only to see their boyfriend leave for a new girlfriend.  Why stay?  It's not as if they were married. 

You see this selfish attitude on a broad scale in the world.  The First World is telling the Third World to have less children, sterilize your people.  Then maybe we will send aid to you.  Is that saving the world's poor?   Visit or C-Fam websites and get the facts on how poor women are treated in other lands.  One of the first things the President did was to reverse the Mexico City policy which prohibited funding to international family planning groups offering abortion services.  This hurt poor women and killed their babies.  The President also isolated himself when he appointed advisory panels on religion and women's issues.  Only progressives were chosen. 

So where are we women who do not agree?  If our present administration and news media ignore us, gag us, refuse to interview or photograph us, we will have to do it ourselves.  The large news services nuance their interviews so it appears all women agree with one side, pro choice.  NOT SO.

Yes, there is a war on women.  But not a war prohibiting sexual license, this war prohibits the right to exercise freedom of religion and for the right to live a chaste life and for some, the right to live at all.   A war which silences a vast majority of women of faith who are simply treated as if we did not exist. 

Sandra Fluke didn't speak for any women I know, honestly.  Interesting, the very male chauvinist media which always uses obscene words to describe women, as Bill Maher did for Sarah Palin, strongly objected when Rush Limbaugh did not talk like a gentleman.  Why were they surprised?  None of them ever talk like gentlemen.  Was he is the pay of progressives who wanted to make journalists on the right appear as boorish as their left wing counterparts?  One might even suspect Ed Schultz, Limbaugh's Liberal Tweedle Dee to be in the pay of conservatives.  During the hue and cry to fire Rush Limbaugh, it turned out Ed Schultz said the same thing about Laura Ingram.  For which, Mr. Schultz got a week off without pay.  Sounds pretty good.

Family Guy, a Fox cartoon series, featured a song mocking Terry Schiavo after she was painfully euthanized by dehydration per court order.  Her family begged for her life to be spared but her husband and the courts won the day.  The cartoon characters happily called her, "mashed potato brain."  That's what a liberal American media calls, "funny".  It was the most evil thing I ever saw.  Why the demonic hatred against a helpless, injured woman who never harmed anyone?  Why?  Was it because she was only a housewife?  Was it because the pro life movement took up her cause?  Priests for Life and brave Fr. Frank Pavone pleaded for mercy for her.  No one listened.  It made me feel very uneasy.  It made me feel as if any of us women could have been in her place.

Don Imus made cruel unconscionable remarks about African American student athletes, members of the Rutgers women's basketball team, over the radio.  He tried to justify it by saying rap stars talk that way.  Mr. Imus was an elderly white man, not a rap star.  He did apologize.  He should have. Insults are like drops of water in a lake.  They make ripples.  They go deep where we cannot see.  They cannot be taken back.

Lolo Jones, U.S. Olympic athlete was nuanced a hypocrite in the NY Times.  It would seem if you are a talented, beautiful woman who proclaims your Christian beliefs in traditional marriage you cannot sell products or pose for artistic photos.  I don't condone the nude photo, but speaking as an artist, the pose showed less than a day at the beach.  The NY Times attacked our athlete shortly before her big 12 second race.  She came in 4th.  Tweeters mocked her saying if she'd had "sum sex" she could have won.  Where were the feminists to defend her?  Male athletes pose nude too and sell products.  What is the difference?  The difference was she said she was waiting for marriage because she is a Christian.  Progressives hate that. 

Women have dignity.  Married or single, blessed, barren or virgin, we have a great mission to protect, nurture and teach children.  Our sexually "progressive" or "regressive" culture depicts women as objects in films, novels, and pop music.  We are told being a sex object "empowers" women.  I think the word is "imperils".

Until next time, peace.

Genesis 3:15 I will put enmity between you and THE WOMAN and between your offspring and hers,....
You know from whence the War on Women and Children comes from.
Interesting point of view from The Atlantic Magazine regarding a peculiar papyrus purported to prove Jesus was married. Look up Karen King, who brought the papyrus to light.  See Wikipedia. O dear.
Just for laughs.  The cousin Basil routine from the Three Stooge Classic The Brideless Groom with Krystine McIntire as the 4th stooge.  Krystine was an opera singer not a vaudevillian.  After many failed takes a weary Shemp Howard pleaded with Krystine to just hit him and not to be afraid to hurt him.  Krystine was up to the job this time.  This was the final take.

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