Friday, November 9, 2012


"For crying out loud in a bucket of water," as my grandfather used to say.  Socialism's true face is revealed.   Mayor Bloomberg wants to monitor the food intake of homeless people.  What this really means is the STATE wants to be in CHARGE.  Kind hearted citizens are not to be trusted giving food to the hungry anymore.  Synagogues and churches stand back.  Put a "For Sale" sign on Manna.  Close up the soup kitchen.  Let the experts take over.  This is all part of the plan, close Catholic hospitals and social services so they cannot serve the poor, the orphans, those who have escaped human trafficking, etc.  Everything must be done according to the Administration's plans for our NEW WORLD ORDER by Nationalizing good works of charity.  I wonder how those who said the Democrats were the true pro lifers feel about taking food from the mouths of those who live on the street?
Take a look.  And this isn't from some pro life news agency, this is from CBS!  Even the newsman who presents the story looks incredulous.

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