Saturday, January 23, 2021

Calumny Kills or Let Them Eat Ice Cream

Death of the Princess de Lamballe, by Leon Maxime Faivre 1908

    The painting of the death of the Princess de Lamballe is rather stagy.  Trust me it is the clean version.  More of her later.  For the past 5 years I've watched people encourage others to hate people they don't know.  It happens all the time on cable news and social media.  When I opened a Facebook account to contact art colleagues for a "master class", I never imagined it was not a forum for polite exchange of ideas.  I must admit, after being called "delusional" and a "sanctimonious ass" by "friends" even "relatives" because I am Catholic, I was wrong.  Those innocent days are gone as we enter the Pandemic wherein people are hoping other people die.  Not people who want to go back to work!  Not the "Boomer Remover" evil.  I mean people who want public figures to die so their political party can take over and form a one party Socialist America which will give them something for free.  Just to hype it up, the news media eager for narratives on racial injustice found the death of an unfortunate handcuffed man while being knelt upon by a policeman a cause celebre.  A cry to hit the streets with Antifa and force the man they hate into what they call a bunker, the White House.  The man who died in police custody isn't even being mentioned now.  Looting, burning businesses, stealing, even beating up small helpless women is seen as radical chic.  Moving a safe out of Wells Fargo with a front end loader is a new civil right.  Those who own storefronts are arming themselves with baseball bats like the Sikhs in the London riots because the police aren't around.  Politicians unaccustomed to dealing with Law call them vigilantes.  The press who got frantic if they saw a blue collar citizen protesting lockdown without a mask now praise mobs of youngsters throwing bottles at police without masks as peaceful protesters.  Pyramids of bricks mysteriously appear on city streets inviting the violent to break windows.  All to teach the evil police force a lesson.  A wise man said violence makes more violence.  It does.   
    The news media posts inflammatory lies in order to heighten the violence then feign surprise when things get worse.  All based on anger and defamation of character.  Which brings me to the end of Nancy Pelosi's grip on her gavel.  A movie of  Nancy showing off her well stocked supply of gourmet chocolate ice cream in a gleaming, expensive, stainless steel fridge, a chef would die for.  The clip will re elect President Trump.  Nancy has only herself to blame.  Who would do a puff piece on gourmet food while families go hungry and many world wide are dying of a painful hereto for unknown virus?  If Melania had done such a thing she would have been crucified.  She is criticized when she visits children in a hospital!   I mentioned a meme to a friend, photo of Nancy eating an ice cream which said, "Let them eat ice cream".  I said, thinking of Marie Antoinette, "quotes can kill."  My friend thought I meant people might believe Nancy Pelosi actually said it.  No, Nancy isn't literary enough even if the quote came to her.  Referring to the original, "Let them eat cake," falsely attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette.  Indeed Marie Antoinette was not averse to the poor.  She funded many charities for poor women, the hungry and marginalized.  She brought women artists into the Academie for the first time.  She would have been horrified to be forever falsely quoted as saying let poor people eat cake they do not have.  This quote was made up by revolutionaries who wanted to end the monarchy in any way possible.  They thought it would kill her and it did.
     They didn't have memes then but they did have pamphlets and more people could read or get someone to read for them than you think.  Indeed sound bites or cries were the only news many heard.  There were far worse things said about the King and Queen and relatives, friends, servants, or humble farmers.  The calumny has long been debunked.  The King and Queen it turns out were charitable, devout people who refused to let the Swiss guards fire on the violent French mobs.  They were repaid when the mobs murdered the guards and murdered them.  Marie Antoinette stumbled when led to her execution.  Her guard asked if she hurt herself and she remarked nothing could ever hurt her again.  Her husband was executed.  Her little boy was forced to say publicly at her trial his mother abused him sexually.  The little boy age died two years after,  a prisoner abused mentally and physically.  Her 17 yr. old daughter was sent to Austria.  How indeed could she ever feel joy again?  Nuns, priests aristocrats and servants were being beheaded in the city.  Her loyal Carmelite wanna be sister-in-law Princess Elisabeth who spent her time doing social work, so beloved her servants put themselves between her and the arresting officers also was executed.  Princess Elisabeth was painted by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun.  She is a considered a Catholic martyr for the way she died.  She repeated the De Profundus and embraced her co condemned.  She was forced to watch them die first.  She had a supernatural calm.  The mob was edified by her courage, no one cheered when she died.  By comparison Jacques Herbert the man who forced the prince to accuse his mother of incest was later condemned and became hysterical as he was put under the blade.  He was an atheist who called for the de christianizing of France.  Bloodthirsty mobs of looters and ex soldiers were drowning farm families in the provinces because their Catholicity made them suspect as potential traitors.  They also provided free food, drink and goods for their executioners.   The peasants were stripped, bound and drowned enmasse in boats; men, women and children without mercy.  
Princess de Lamballe, the Queen's Lady in Waiting Princess Maria Theresa of Savoy was arrested too.  Italian and German, she was a devout, childless widow who never remarried.  Maria Theresa wrote to Marie Antoinette their friendship was the charm of her life.  She suffered a lamentable end.  The worst I think.  Maria Theresa was called in to be interrogated and asked to praise equality and to denounce the Queen.  She happily praised equality but she could not denounce her friend, she said, "it is not in my heart."  The interrogator said take her away.  She was taken to a courtyard.  It was daylight.  She was perplexed why they were letting her go.  The door opened and she saw bodies of dead people and a large group of rough men with weapons.  She stepped back but she was pulled out.  PULLED OUT.  She was struck on the head with a pike, a sharp metal infantry spear.  Here is gets really bad.  She staggered.  It was said she was stripped, raped and literally torn to pieces.  She was beheaded.  She was known for her long blonde hair.  People on the street and in their houses recognized whose head it was and remarked, "they got Lamballe!"  One story said the mob attached her pubic hair to her chin for a beard.  Her head was taken to Madame Tussaud for a wax image then carried on a pike around Paris and brought to Marie Antoinette's cell for her to see.  We don't know if Marie Antoinette saw or was told about it but either way she fainted.  They were like sisters both foreign born rejects with tragic lives.  "Your friendship has been the charm of my life."  I got to thinking what it was like to be pulled out by a mob of sadistic men who had been taught to hate you without even knowing you.  I thought how I would feel if my best friend had been torn to pieces for not denouncing me.  Vice versa how she would feel if I was pulled out and torn to pieces for  loyalty to her.  Calumny kills it really does.  
    We appear to be entering an era of a new revolution in America, one about collective blood revenge based on ignorance of history and the unrealistic expectations of materialism by way of Marxism.  The revolution we had was about God given rights, not state given rights, set into law for the betterment of mankind.   Radical inhumane revolution must be forced whatever the consequences and requires calumny and  genocide. Considering the "preservative" English and American revolutions George Watson said in his The Lost Literature of Socialism,  "It is 1789, then, that unbinds revolution from its conservative chains, and the socialists were its heirs.  The sense of the word shifted lastingly from Right to Left after the Bastille fell."   

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