Sunday, August 19, 2018

Scandal - Some Thoughts

Abusive clergy are apostate clergy. People who really follow Christ do not harm or dishonor others. Catholic teaching demands chastity in all vocations. I am weary of people blaming the Church for bad Catholics. Bad Catholics are the Catholics who reject what Christ taught. Bad Catholics separate themselves from Christ and His Church by rejecting moral law. Ignorance of the teachings can only be claimed by those in third world countries with no access to the internet or books. Many lay people going back to WWII failed in teaching, accepted secular ways like pornography, masturbation, fornication and encouraged the world we know now. The sexual revolution and Vatican II was the perfect storm for the fall of Catholics who demanded the Church get with the times and swing and many in the Church did. Why are we surprised at what has happened? Now Catholics want to leave the Church when now they are needed to take courage and save it. We live in times of legal abortion in all 9 months and euthanasia of children. Why are we surprised some Catholics even high in the clergy have abused and scandalized the innocent often holy young men? Abuse has been going on and hidden in our public schools, in the workplace and in entertainment for decades. The problem is the only accusations and costs for these sins is expected from Roman Catholics and not everyone else. We need to read our Catechism and know what a sin is. I met a Catholic who told me they didn't know what a sin was and therefore could not go to confession. Well there's a cure for that, please read the Catechism and know the teachings. Pray for those who reject Christ. You will save the world and many souls. God bless.

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